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So if there is any, I mean any good tips to get it to run on android it would be awesome. Cell Control is a fraud. Is impossible to control the tarjet phone without installing a soft on it.


It is a scam. A complete fraudulent site and I am embarrassed i gave these any money at all. I am so annoyed with cell control. I have paid twice to have it professionally installed according to their instructions. It force closes on my Moto Droid 2. When I email them they reply with some generic email that doesn't even address my specific problem. Is there anyone out there who has ever actually gotten it to work? Hi, is there any one of you who has this software working properly as advertised?

Thank you I was about ready to buy this, any good spyware out there. Its hard to get the phone and have them question why? I can see it being a pain in the butt. Any feedback please!

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I would love to track info without getting to their phone! Sounds impossible. Anyone useing a good cellphone spyware? This is really a scam. Even the email address of edwin the reseller of cell control does not even work.

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I just send him an email and it came back with a message that it does not exits. Did somebody actually contacted him. Did you get any results? Did somebody actually made the program work. After reciveing the payment i provide u a code jst type it on your handset and use it frever. Mail me the mobile model number wid zip file at ashish. Wish I fond this site before i purchased this software but im going to work on getting my money back. Hi, I bought Cellcontrol but I could not install on my phone, after several tries, I claim to Plimus and they helped me get my money back.

I realized that there was no such thing as installing a program remotely and bought Spybubble, I took my girlfriend's phone in a bar while she went to the bathroom and just minutes to install it from the phone. It is also much cheaper. This is their website.

I had trouble unzipping the file and kept receiving an error message that the file was not a zip file or corrupt. Cell Control has posted a solution to that problem and when I followed their instructions to download the file for the Internet Explorer browser it worked and I was able to unzip the files.

Transfering the software and getting it to work is another issue. In the online world today it helps to have a reliable app in order to monitor your child.

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This was a great choise. Spy phone app was a great choise for me. It includes tracking on a lot of other programs like WhatsApp or Facebook. For WhatsApp spy, you can even do it without root. I have been using this app for a long time and until now I had no problems. It's the best one I could find.

Yes, you do in order to install and after you might need access to check troubleshooting if needed. Spy Phone App reviews. Write a Review Ask a Question Share. Yes 2.

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Yes 1. Yes 4. Helpful answer 0 Votes Thanks for voting! Not as helpful. Do you need acess to the target phone. See all answers 1.

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I want to install a spy app in android phone but due to the antivirus it is getting detected, is there any spy app which will not get detect with AV. No answers yet. Answer this question. Will the simple installation without optimization at the last step be able to access all features of this app? They lied about fixing the issue right up to the expiration date. Used the software for a year on an Iphone 4s. Had to many issues. Tech support always said they are working on it and after 8 months, it never got resolved.

The just say they are working on it and never resolve the problem. Once they get your money, good luck with support. Such a disappointment, really. I was promised that the product would work perfectly — and it did, but not perfectly. I think that for their price their support could have been better as well. Compared both apps that ive tried before i just want to say that mSpy deserved its 1st place ranking as the best mobile spy apps. Perfect, But Web Control Panel is not good.

It is not really cheap. So I use SpyApp now, it cheap and the same with mSpy. I have no idea why so many bad reports here. It works fairly well with me. Other featues are fine. I purchased it recently for my eldest kid, I got desperate fighting about where he goes and people hangs out with. The more I pressed the worst it got so I came up with this tracking app and I am glad I did. Saved me from so many headaches. Among the spy apps I tried, this one was the best so far.

I bought the app to keep an eye on my eldest son — I am glad I did. No more bikering and I know where to find him when I need it without problems. The older they get, the harder it is to keep them from their devices. I got tired of trying to make my kids pay attention to what they do online and also of being worried all the time of where they are and so on. With mSpy things are so much easier — I know where my kids are and what websites they visit. I have already blocked a couple successfully without quarrels and shouting why they are not supposed to be visited — they just fail to connect and give up finally.

I do recommend this app for parents of teens in the first place. I tried mSpy and Mobistealth and the first one proved to be more effective to me. Not that the latter is bad or does not work but in the long run I became confident in my choise of mSpy because its keylogger feature is really great. Had great luck with software but target phone was reset. Too bad they cancelled these features, they were of use… However, this is really the best app I ever tried and not a single trouble in my entire experience. Mspy was top of the line before the call and surround recording ended.

As far as internet browser tracking there is not a spyware available to track incognito browsing. So unless you are willing to root the target phone Mspy is like all the other spyware available if you want to track facebook, chat, email. Cancelled already cause the 2 features that i only used were cut off so there is no point on paying all that money for something i can get cheaper or that i wont be using…. No sound recording of surroundings, and at first every SMS was listed as coming from just one person.

Then it quit doing anything altogether after three days. But customer support did refund my money after it quit working. I loved MSpy and the surround recording was epic! Why they got rid of the best and most tempting feature is beyond me.

I renewed without realizing that and was refused a refund. No other spyware seems to have this same feature. Apps that record surroundings, but require a secret text be sent- Um, no.