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Whipsters were keeping up with. The open source version syncs PIM data such as contacts address books , calendars agendas , tasks and notes. The commercial version unavailable on sourceforge syncs additional data and media. For companies who demand high-quality, real-time event data, delivered by a cloud-native data pipeline they fully control. Use RingTone Maker to make iPhone ringtone of any song and accurately select, with the ringtone cutter, exactly which part of the song to convert to a ringtone. Create ringtonesfor iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Symbian , and more.

Open Game Engine 2D is a full features and cross-platform 2D game engine. It aims to help developers to create 2D games with only flat files such as ini and script files , so that games could be written once and played under any platform supported. Frozen Bubble is the well known open source puzzle game originally written for Linux OS. This project aims porting this game to Symbian Series 60 mobile phone devices. MessageReader is a java software that, given a Mail folder of a Symbian phone , takes all the sms messages NOT still mms or anything else and make a file in the unix mailbox format suitable for e.

This tool suite provides you with tools and guidelines for tracking your global location with a standard Symbian S60 cell phone. Uses plugins for different apps and supports other remote control systems. OPL is an entry-level development tool that enables rapid development of applications.

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OPL consists of phone -side code runtime and translator and PC-side code translator and tools. Remotud is a Symbian OS application for remote control multimedia aplications. Supports 4 modes: Upper, Lower, Initials, Numeric. Input matrix is programmable at compile time. Tiny audio recording utility.

Is There Any Two Right Ways to Monitor a Nokia N97 Mini

May be used for speech recording or phone calls requires external software. Note that as of release 0. Volunteers welcome. Hview is very small tool for Symbian 6. I'm using it for viewing my logfiles and sniffing in some binary stuff in the phone.

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