Spy cell phone jammer

Tanking use of super-high frequency and mini-power interference technology, high efficiency. Effectively making subsection, just interfering downlink and no interception on the base station..

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Extreme portability, the weigh for machine itself is just 68g. Slow start us design of circuit. These elements can maintain the s table operation condition with high integration.

This is a Portable powerful handhold jammer having a strong output power. And it won't interfere with other devices within the range. We have all types of Jamming devices used in home, business, hospitals, schools etc; we will give you the opportunity to buy all types of Spy Products at cheapest rate in Delhi India. We have the best quality products and service which has customer first policy also you get 1 year manufacturing warrantee.

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  6. Blocks average 10 meters. Enhanced strong rubber antennas. Works on power adaptors directly. JMP Jammer Applications. Output Power 75 dbm. Typical Coverage meters depends on signals. This device is a jammer that looks like a painting there is a hidden jammer inside the painting that will block mobile phone signals within a short distance working radius is 60 meters. Note: this device does not interrupt any other electronic devices except cell phones.

    We will give you the first opportunity to buy this latest product from our store at the cheapest price. Hidden cell phone signal jammer.

    Cell phone signal jammers illegal - cell phone signal Blocker 60 Meters

    Jamming Range Radius : 60M. Antenna: 5x Omni-directional Antennas. Effective Range: meter Radius Depending on Cell. Output Power: Power Source: Wall Plug. Dimension L x W x H : x x 52mm. Working Hours: Long time.

    Cell Phone Jammer & Blocker

    Jammer with Build in Antennas. Power Cable. User Manual. Warranty Card. Remote Control. It will cover wide range to block cell phone ringing. As we are the best leading suppliers, dealer, exporter, whole seller, and trader in Delhi India.

    What is the purpose of a signal jammer

    Designed to cut off wave only in the down link bandwidth, so it does not affect any interference to base station and repeat. CSA LR level 3.

    Your search for best jammer is now ends here as we have the best quality Products of Mobile jammer in Delhi India. This product can be applied at meeting room, conference room, museum, gallery, theatre, concert hall, church, temple, restaurant, classroom, training centre, factory, bank, train, bus, etc.

    For some locations of special purpose such as hospital, gas station, etc. Designed with screw slots for easy wall hanging. Despite charge indicator, this product does not ship with an internal battery.. Power Source: Power Adapter. Dimensions: mm x mm x 74 mm L x W x D. External Battery optional.

    Plugs into lighter socket and begins working instantly. It has high gain removable jammer antenna. You can buy our products directly from our Online Store using net banking, credit cards, debit cards and visa cards we accept all types of cards. Block your car from GPS and prevent yourself being tracked. Provide you a secure and quiet space. Trustworthy and faithful guard for you. High frequency with wide band, small disturbing technology and high effective power. Adopts the technology of interdiction and interposition code, so will intercept the signal of satellite and break it completely.

    Working Band: L1 system to MHz. Compatible with Signal Jamming Power: mW. Coverage: M.

    Portable Cell Phone Jammers

    Power supply: 12V. Antenna Impedance: 50 w.

    Currency Supported: mA. Dimension: 20xx35mm L x W x D. Moreover, designed with car charger and via it, this LoJack 3G 4G mobile phone jammer can be used in the car directly, which is really a convenient usage for the car owners. This product is in stock now, we guarantee shipping within 24 hours and offer 1 year warranty for all our products.

    Brought to you by the leader in security devices and best Signal Jammer. Thus this signal jammer for quadcopters drones can cut off the signals of 5GHz MHz, 2. In addition via the adjustable buttons people can also easily decide the jamming distance and the jamming frequency bands according to the real needs and as owning the high power and based on the signal strength this quadcopters drone WiFi GPS remote control blocker owns up to 20 meters jamming distance at most.

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    And for more details of this signal jammer for quadcopters drones you can just come here to have a look at the following details. What is important is that this jammer can also be used to customer tailor the frequency bands you want. Welcome to supply frequencies and we will customized for you. Details:- Aside from jealous admirers, criminals and government agencies many employers are issuing company cell phones and tablets to keep track tracking of their employees.

    Tablets and cell phones not only can track you but also act as remote listening and video recording devices. These devices can be remotely turned on and have your conversations listened to. Our products will stop the tracking and bugging of your cell phone and tablets as well as protect your ID and credit cards from ID theft.

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    Additional functions involves anti-radiation, anti-degaussing. Perfect for those that are pregnant and need to minimize radiation exposure. Due to cell phone wave radiation, long time carrying a cell phone can put a person in danger. During conventions and private meetings. Jammers are the perfect solution to ensure total confidentiality during specific meetings because they make completely useless all devices intended to detect what happens in the environment. GPS Sat Jammer while a vehicle is moving. In this case, the GPS sat signal will be disturbed and not detectable while a vehicle is moving.

    Spy Cell Phone Jammer

    The intended uses are protection operations or movements to be kept secret. See here below the main applications: Jammers for military purpose A military high power jammer can prevent bombs from being activated by remote controllers and bugs and other audio surveillance or movements detection devices from operating in a certain area. During conventions and private meetings Jammers are the perfect solution to ensure total confidentiality during specific meetings because they make completely useless all devices intended to detect what happens in the environment. Many European countries ban the sale of the following devices within the UE.

    Please check the regulations in force on its own territory. Pocket sized and powerful, the device can provide up 2W of output power.